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Driving Theory Test

You need to obtain provisional driving licence before taking the theory test.

Once you have obtained your provisional driving licence, you can give the driving theory test whenever you are ready. However, if you fail your theory test, you need to wait for three days before you can book it agian.  You can use the following links to to find your nearest theory test center and book the theory test

Find driving theory test near you

Book your driving theory test


What do you need

  • Your Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number
  • Your email address to get your booking confirmation - you can’t book online if you don’t have one.
  • You may be able to book via UK phone (0300 200 11 22)
  • A debit or credit card for paying the test fee



Preparing for theory test

The theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test. If you pass one part and fail the other you’ll fail the whole test, and you’ll need to take both parts again. You’ll be given the results of your theory tests at the test centre after taking it.Your theory test pass certificate lasts for 2 years after taking your test. You’ll need to take and pass the theory test again if you haven’t passed your practical test by then. The following links can be helpful for preparing the test.


On the day of theory test

Do not forget to carry the following documents on the day of your theory test

  • Provisional photocard licence
  • Photo identity like your passport


Lesson's that are cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at the normal hourly lesson rate

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