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Getting Started - Graeme's School of Motoring, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Learning to drive can be challenging but extremely rewarding . I have listed below some information which should help ‘make life easier’ in the initial stages for any prospective clients who view my site.


I will start by detailing the provisional licence application process, followed by applying for your theory / hazard perception test and finally the decisions that need to be made about your driving test application.


Provisional Licence and Useful Reference Material 


All learners will require a provisional licence prior to starting any lessons. To apply for this you should complete a D1 application form which is available from either the DVLA , @Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ‘ or from your local post office. From receipt your license should be returned in approx 4 weeks. You will receive a photo card license accompanied with a green record sheet which should be keep in a safe place. The current cost is £45.00. 


Your Driving Theory and Hazard Test 


This part of the test is split into 2 parts , a multiple choice question test and a hazard perception awareness test. Part 1 will require you to currently answer 50 driving knowledge questions and you will be presented with multiple choice answers. Part 2 is the hazard perception test of approx 14 video clips where you will require identifying developing hazards.


Both these tests are computer based and once completed the computer will calculated you scores .You are required to pass both parts before considering applying for you driving practical test. 


- The current cost is £28.50


To assist with your study the following material would be of benefit: - 


- The Highway Code

- Know Your Traffic Signs

- DVD / Video of “The Official Guide To Hazard Perception “




You will require to complete a number of lessons which will be monitored and agreed by both your instructor and yourself to ensure you are moving in the correct direction. Your instructor will give you guidance on when you should consider applying for your practical driving test. 


The Practical Driving Test


You now require to apply to for a date and location for your test, you could also request your instructor to do this on your behalf. The current cost of a practical test is £56.50 weekday or £58.00 weekends. 


On The Big Days


You will need to take the following documents with you: -


- Appointment Letter 

- Current license , both parts if applicable 

- Theory pass certificate 


You will be asked to initially perform an eye sight test and answer a few vehicle safety questions.This is followed by you being tested on your general driving ability which will include 2 manoeuvres. 


The practical test lasts approx 35/40 minutes. Through this time the examiner will be looking for you to prove that you have reached an overall safe standard of driving .


You can accumulate 15 minors during your test and still pass 16 is a fail.Should you commit a dangerous or serious fault this would automatically fail you. 


Once There


When you pass you must not forget to notify the DVLA or your examiner will offer to do this for you. 


To book a lesson or enquire call 07742 596031

Lesson's that are cancelled within 24 hours will be charged at the normal hourly lesson rate

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